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Marietta Luxury Motors is proud to present our customers with an exclusive yet wide array of luxury motor vehicles that are guaranteed to perfectly suit your needs. A luxury motor vehicle can loosely be defined as a motor vehicle that offers enhanced features–aesthetics, controls, and/or safety features–that go above and beyond that of the competition.

You can purchase a new or a used vehicle here at Marietta Luxury Motors, and it is our aim to provide through our hallmark customer service the information necessary to assist you with that important decision.


In the consumer automotive industry, there is no strict definition on what purchasing processes are considered “right” or “wrong”, because the ultimate decision lies in the hands of the consumer. Recommendations, however, can be made based on the consumers financial situation versus what vehicle they are aiming to purchase, and one of the most recommended courses of action to take when purchasing a vehicle is to buy it used because of the depreciation factor associated with purchasing a new vehicle. The second you drive your new vehicle off of the lot, its value drops significantly, whereas a used vehicle does not suffer from any sort of depreciation whatsoever.

Also, used vehicles–vehicles that are even less than a year old yet are still technically considered “used”–will cost you much less than a new vehicle will cost. A lower base MSRP means lower monthly payments for you should you choose to finance or lease your vehicle than purchase outright. Lower payments does not equate to not getting your money’s worth, so why not pay less? You could, under this mindset, decide to finance a motor vehicle instead of leasing it, making the vehicle yours to do what you want with. You are presented with a wide variety of great options to explore here.

Pre-Owned Luxury Cars in Marietta, GA

Furthermore, having lower monthly payments will give you the ability to either pay your loan faster or use that money toward vehicle maintenance or modifications. Say your budget allowed you to spend around $400/mo. on a new vehicle, but you opt to purchase a new vehicle instead and are now paying $320/mo.

In a single year you are saving just shy of $1,000, and if, theoretically, you had a loan of $25,000 for five-years and put down only $500 per year–using the other $500 at your leisure–you are ultimately putting $2,5000 toward your loan, or 10%.


Marietta Luxury Motors strongly urges you to check out our wide selection of used luxury motor vehicles. Our professional sales team operates with a concise strategy to save you money, time, and frustration, all while providing you with the most affable customer service possible.

You could only be a single call or visit away from purchasing a quality used luxury vehicle, so why wait? Call Marietta Luxury Motors today for more information about what vehicles we currently have in our inventory, and let our sales team handle the rest.

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